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      Laco Watches

      Laco is a German watch manufacturer, which has been producing high-quality watches in Pforzheim since 1925 in elaborate handicraft. Since 2010, Laco has reinvented itself and returned to its original roots with a small, select number of employees. The focus should be on the watchmaking craft in the in-house manufacture. Today Laco stands above all for high-quality pilot's watches "Made in Germany".

      Bartels Watches is official dealer for Laco

      Bartels Watches is an authorized dealer of Laco watches since 2019. To offer you the best product experience, we work closely with Laco Germany. All Laco watches are new and come complete with papers, certificates and warranty cards. Our focus on online business enables us to offer the fastest shipping times and shortest response times. Even after the purchase, we are always available to answer your questions about the Laco product portfolio. Buy your beautiful Laco wristwatch today. We promise that you will not regret it!

      Laco collections and models

      Laco is famous for its pilot's watches - and rightly so! However, the product portfolio has grown continuously over time and today offers not only classic pilot's watches but also marine watches, mission watches or chronographs. We have prepared a small overview of the great selection of Laco watches for you here:

      Laco Pilot Watches ("Fliegeruhr")

      A Laco pilot watch combines classic design and modern technology. With a pilot's watch you wear a piece of contemporary history on your wrist. Originally a pioneer among pilot watches, the Laco observation watch has become a classic over the course of time. All models of the pilot's watches are based on the classic design. This history is also underlined by the classification "FL 23883" on the opposite side of the crown. Only a handful of companies were allowed to affix this marking in the 1940s. It is a testimony to the fulfilment of a large number of requirements for observation watches of the German Air Force and stands for "navigation equipment".

      Laco pilot watches are characterized by their robustness, functionality and very good readability. During flight missions, pilot's watches must not only be able to withstand vibrations, shocks and pressure differences, but also remain easy to read and precise. This is what makes Laco pilot's watches the perfect everyday companions even today.

      Laco manufactures most pilot watch models in up to three different types in Pforzheim.

      Laco Pilot Watch Model A

      The most classic of all pilot's watches is called Baumuster A and is characterized by a simple design with a focus on practicality. The characteristic features of these 3-hand watches are the large numerical indices, which are filled with light sources to ensure good reading even in the worst visibility and flight conditions, and the black dial to increase this contrast even further. In addition, these watches are equipped with a large onion crown to allow operation with gloves.

      Laco Pilot Watch Model B

      Laco watches of type B were mainly used to support the navigators. Large minute numbers in steps of 5 and the shifting of the hour display to a smaller inner ring are characteristic for these models. The missing logo on the dial again emphasizes the use of this pilot's watch as an "instrument". There is no room for things that do not directly support the function of the watch. This model is also equipped with plenty of light sources under an anti-reflective sapphire glass for particularly good readability as well as thermally blued hands. Of course, the typical onion crown should not be missing either.

      Laco Pilot Watch Model C

      The pilot's watches type C combine the design language of type A with the functionality of a chronograph. Thus the dial has the triangle with a colon instead of the 12th, which is typical for model A. At the 3 o'clock position there is a date field and the positions and 6, 9 and 12 accommodate a small second, as well as the stop displays for hours and minutes of the chronograph. Laco Pilot's Watch Type C Chronographs are highly sought after not only because they offer additional functionality, but also because the many displays make them look like a cockpit full of measuring instruments.

      Laco Pilot Watch Original

      To ensure that the original pilot's watches from Laco deserve their name, a special process developed in-house is used to process each Laco watch in such a way that no difference to the historical model is discernible. In addition, the watches are fitted with the typical pilot's watch lamps and have thermally blued luminous hands. A calfskin strap fits perfectly and completes the image of the pilot's watch "Made in Germany". The technology behind the Pilot's Watch Original is provided by a Laco automatic movement or manual winding movement, each based on the renowned ETA movements (e.g. ETA 2801.2, ETA 2824.2).

      Laco Pilot Watch Basic

      The Pilot Watch Basis offers an introduction to the world of Laco pilot's watches. Historical dial designs with brushed or PVD-coated stainless steel case and a wide selection of leather or metal bracelets in various colors leave nothing to be desired. These watches are driven by automatic movements from Miyota (e.g. Miyota 821 A).

      Laco Pilot Watches Special Models

      Laco also offers a variety of special models of pilot watches. Here you will find additional functionalities such as GMT displays of the Frankfurt GMT or design highlights such as the replica of cockpit instruments of famous airplanes, such as the Bell X-1 or the Junkers Ju.

      Laco Marine Watches

      Laco can also look back on a historical past in marine watches. Just as with pilot's watches, only a few companies in the 1940s were able to meet the specifications for timepieces. The German naval observatory in Hamburg nominated Laco as one of the few companies to produce watches for the navy. The design of today's Laco marine watches is still based on historical models, so that you wear a piece of contemporary history on your wrist.

      In the past, marine pocket watches helped sailors to make nautical observations and measurements. Thus, in every harbour the time of the ship's chronometer was adjusted to the local time measuring point with the help of marine clocks. Not only the design of the dial, hands and case were subject to strict regulations of the Deutsche Seewarte in Hamburg, but also the durability and accuracy.

      In order to further optimise the readability of these Laco timekeeping instruments, the dial was completely covered with active luminous material in the 1940s. Today, inactive luminous material on hands or numerals has given way to active luminous material. These are charged by light irradiation.

      A special innovation in this field is the development of the Superluminova C3, which is specially provided for the watch industry. This illuminant represents a further development of the classic Luminova illuminant and shows an increased, powerful luminosity with a yellow-green colour tone.

      Laco Squad Watches

      Squad watches from Laco meet the high demands of watches in the outdoor area. Whether fire brigade, police or German Federal Armed Forces, squad watches are perfectly adapted to their respective area of operation. The high quality requirements, robustness and the Laco design are always taken into account. All squad watches are mechanical watches made in Germany.

      The know-how from the production of high-quality pilot and marine watches enables Laco to develop and produce mission watches with the same quality promise. These mission watches have additional features such as magnetic field protection, helium valves or particularly robust housings. The Superluminova C3 is also used here and guarantees the wearer excellent readability even in poor visibility conditions. This feature is further supported by a double anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Depending on the model, a screwed mineral glass back allows a view of the beautiful movement and still guarantees water resistance up to 100 meters.

      Laco Chronographs

      Chronographs have always been a special type of watch. Sporty elegance paired with elaborate mechanical technology and practical functions sound like the perfect everyday companion. Here, too, attention is paid to readability and robustness, which Laco has already perfected in its pilot's watches. The large central second hand is used as the stopwatch second. At 9 o'clock there is a small seconds display showing the running second. Two further displays on the dial show the minutes and hours of the stopwatch.

      The Superluminova C3 lamp is also found on the Laco chronographs, as is the domed and double anti-reflective sapphire crystal and 5 ATM water resistance. Furthermore, the watches are perfectly equipped to withstand strong vibrations and shocks.

      Most Laco chronographs use the Laco 50 automatic movement. This movement is based on the ETA 7750 or Valjoux 7750, which is known worldwide for its precision and accuracy and is used in many high-quality chronographs.

      Laco Classics

      Although Laco is primarily known for its pilot's watches, this watch manufactory also offers models with a simpler design with the Laco Classics. Like all other models, a Laco Classic stands for reliability and quality. However, the design language is inspired by the Bauhaus era. Timeless and of high quality, a Laco Classic from the Pforzheim manufactory is intended for watch lovers who wish to own a timepiece in keeping with the motto "Form follows Function".