GMT watches

      The great thing about mechanical watches is that their long history made it possible to invent watch complications for everyone. Take a pilot for example: Travelling through time zones since the beginning of intercontinental flights made it somehow confusing to know what time it is. To keep track of two time zones, pilot’s wore GMT watches. Today, a GMT watch is not only very useful for the occasional time zone switch, but also a very nice feature to look at. A GMT watch makes the wearer appear as a man of the world – a timepiece for globetrotters.

      How to read a GMT watch

      GMT watches usually have a second hour hand which runs half as fast as the primary hour hand to show the GMT or second time zone. Often, the bezel is then used to display the numbers from one to twenty-four and to distinguish between a.m. or p.m. The main hour and minute hand is then used to show the time the wearer is located whereas the GMT hand displays a reference time of choice, e.g. home.

      Affordable GMT watches

      If you’re interested in a beautiful, but affordable GMT watch you should check out the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Grande Date GMT. It not only has very nice small GMT indicator with two hands but also a large date complication and it is available in four different colours. If you want to step up your game then simply add a not so simple watch mechanism like a tourbillon to a GMT watch. A perfect example would be the Memorigin Grand Series which features GMT, large date, day and night indicator and a tourbillon.