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      It's time: time for new watches! Whether subtle silver, exquisite gold or dreamy rose, whether XXL dial or discreet minimal form - today's trends are more diverse than ever. Bartels Watches even has a few surprises for the female wrist. Ladies' watches are so much more than just beautiful jewellery. Ladies' watches combine technology and aesthetics, making time reading timeless. There is the right type of watch for every woman. Do you want an unpretentiously looking watch or a watch for your business? No problem, because for every preference and every situation we have the right watch for ladies.

      Affordable ladies’ watches at Bartels Watches

      Here you will find both cheap chronographs and automatic watches for women. Chronographs are stylish sports watches, which are equipped with a timestop function and can display the time on three dials. Since the numerous functions take up a lot of space and are located directly on the dial, the classic signature look of the chronographs is created. Automatic watches are true miracles of technology and are completely without batteries because they are kept running and powered by a rotor which powers the mainspring. This rotor is simply activated by the arm movement of the watch carrier.