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      Chronograph watches

      Chronographs or „chronos“ are mechanical watches with a stopwatch function. Most of these watches are considered sport watches, as this was the engineers idea behind being able to stop the time very precisely. Today, chronographs are seldom bought because of their functionality but because of their distinctive design with subdials and push-pieces. Mechanical chronographs often come with rubber bands instead of the typical steel bracelets or leather straps which pushes the sportier look even further like the FIYTA Aeronautics GA8470.WBB or the Oris Aquis Titan Chronograph.

      Diver watch - Pilot watch - Space watch

      A chronograph is not only in sports considered a useful watch complication but pilots, divers and astronauts all value the functionality to stop time as well. Pilot watches like the Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph are typically designed with large indices to be easy to read. They usually come with dark dials to avoid reflections during flight and have large push-pieces to be used with gloves. Divers generally prefer the rubber band and a bezel which can be moved to keep track of the oxygen remaining. Diver watches also come with very well illuminated indices and often a fold clasp which can be extended to fit a diver’s suit. Space watches are something special since they usually don’t use an automatic movement but rather a manual winding calibre due to the lack of gravity in space. However, many space watches are updated for “gravity”-use and fitted with an automatic movement, like the FIYTA Aeronautics GA8500.HBH.

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      Chronographs for men and chronographs for women can be found in the Bartels Watches web shop. As chronographs are watches for any occasion, they are great choice to start a collection.