Manual Winding


      Manual winding watches

      A manual watch is a mechanical watch, which has to be hand-wound to power it. The mainspring stores the energy and releases it slowly to the watch movement. In contrast to automatic watches, these watches’ movements don’t wind themselves when worn. Not all manual watches have the same power reserve. This indicates the time the watch can run without being wound. The longer the power reserve the more complicated the watch is to manufacture and the more expensive it gets.

      Manual watches vs. automatic watches

      Some consider it a disadvantage, but a lot of watch owners like the ritual of powering up their favourite timepiece. It is something truly magnificent to see the small mechanical movement come to live. Another advantage of manual-wound watches is the lack of the rotor as an additional part in the case allowing much thinner mechanical watches. Another side benefit is the view of the mechanical movement, which is often obstructed by a rotor in automatic watches.

      Hand wound dress watches for men

      A manual wound watch is an excellent choice for a men’s dress watch. This is due to the smaller height of the watch as well as the more classical design these watches often have.