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      FIYTA Watches

      FIYTA was founded in 1987 and was already considered one of the most important manufacturers of watches in Asia in the 1990s due to its focus on design and marketing. With over 2000 point of sales in over 25 countries, FIYTA is today the most successful watch manufacturer in China and also internationally successful.

      Part of the recipe for success is the FIYTA design team, which has already received numerous awards (e.g. Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award) and is regularly supported by internationally renowned designers such as Luigi Colani.

      FIYTA Space Watches

      China has had its own space programme since 2003. FIYTA is the official watch supplier of this program and has developed and delivered the watches for all missions right from the start. For each mission, a new collection of watches will be presented, which will also be on sale in limited editions. These automatic models are characterized by special robustness and longevity. Many of these models are chronographs which, unlike the typical 60-minute display, have a 45-minute display. This reflects the maximum duration of an external mission and also has markings for critical oxygen levels and recommendations for return times (e.g. FIYTA Aeronautics GA8602.WBW).

      Affordable mechanical watches from FIYTA

      The technologies FIYTA has developed for its space watches can also be found in the other collections. As a result, FIYTA can also offer many very affordable mechanical watches for men and women. From sporty designs with steel bracelets to classic designs with flat cases and leather straps, FIYTA offers a variety of watches. FIYTA watches are particularly well known in the motorsports, sports and aviation industries. Mechanical automatic or manual winding movements in collections such as FIYTA Photographer or FIYTA Roadster show the mechanical precision with which FIYTA works.

      FIYTA Tourbillon Watches

      The newly developed Tourbillon watches from FIYTA deserve special mention. After a long development period, FIYTA now offers its own tourbillon watches, which are very popular. Especially the attractive price, paired with the usual high quality for FIYTA, make these watches a bargain for every watch enthusiast (e.g. FIYTA Roadster Tourbillon).