Emile Chouriet


      Emile Chouriet Watches - Traditional craftsmanship meets modern design

      Emile Chouriet is a traditional brand that produces high-quality Swiss Made watches. An Emile Chouriet watch convinces through an aesthetic symbiosis of modernity and tradition. The Swiss watch brand combines innovative technology with the centuries-old existence of Swiss movements. Among other things, the company is known for luxurious men's watches that have been manufactured to the highest quality standards. An Emile Chouriet men's watch is considered a high-end product, a masterpiece of art.


      An essential part of the DNA of Emile Chouriet is to preserve and pass on its values of tradition, quality and aesthetic elegance. The know-how and attention to detail that have been kept in the family for centuries make the label a watch brand in the luxury segment.
      Qualified, talented professionals and high-quality raw materials guarantee that the company's principles are passed on and that traditional craftsmanship is maintained. An Emile Chouriet watch is a high-end watch that is elegant, timeless and of high quality. Looking to the future, with each new collection, the company succeeds in uniting old and new traditions. Each time, the components of the DNA are translated into modern and original designs. A combination of classic design and progressive thinking are the "Art Pieces", a collaboration of the house with the artists Jean-Pierre Hagmann, known for wood sculptures, and Singal Mösch, designer for watches. With these creative talents, Emile Chouriet has developed two unique watch models that show the label's identity in a new context.


      Emile Chouriet was a talented watchmaker from Geneva who opened his workshop in 1685. He became a specialist in the decoration of pocket watches and stood out from the crowd with his unique, creative work, becoming an important part of the Geneva aristocracy. His spectrum included the edging of pearls, the use of gold in various colours, enamelling and guilloché. He had certain components supplied to him by the watchmaker François Dagobert Depéry.
      In 1998, Jean Depéry, a descendant of François Dagobert Depéry, launched the luxury watch brand Emile Chouriet. It was a tribute to the collaboration between the master watchmaker of the same name and his ancestor. The name stands for a valuable heritage to nurture, talent and expertise. In order to preserve the company's philosophy, the brand's employees work every day to maintain and improve Swiss quality while keeping their finger on the pulse of the times - like Emile Chouriet's first timepiece, "Les Ailes du Temps", which translates as "wings of time".


      Founded on a heritage of Swiss tradition, the manufactory always works at the interface between the use of traditional and modern elements. The company convinces with cutting-edge technology and continually invests in new projects. Mechanical movements are produced in-house and prototypes are continuously tested in independent laboratories. In order to maintain the high quality standards, the watches are tested under real conditions in movement, sensitivity and longevity.
      The range, which includes diving watches and sports watches, is constantly being expanded and enriched with new models and collections. The result is an optimal balance between outstanding quality and zeitgeist. A vivid example is the Challenger collection, inspired by the deepest known point of the oceans. The Challenger Deep is 10,916 meters deep and was discovered on January 23, 1960 by Jacques Piccard, a Swiss explorer and Don Walsh, an American naval lieutenant.
      The first version of the "Challenger" collection was the "Challenger Deep", Emile Chouriet's first sports watch, which was already suitable for diving depths of up to 300 meters. Functionality and aesthetics are still decisive arguments for the high-end watch brand today.

      Project EC5318

      The desire of the founder Jean Depéry was always to manufacture all the components of the watches produced in-house himself. From development to production, the simplest but also the most sophisticated parts of a watch were to be created in-house. This was the birth of the EC5318 movement - a mechanical gear train that perfected all the components of a watch. The fulfillment of a great passion and the last way for Jean Depéry to become an independent watchmaker.
      Looking at the feminine elegance, the round shapes and the fluidity of the movements create a feeling of lightness and harmony. The heart of the mechanical movement is the balance spring. The fine hairspring is tied to the balance wheel so that the balance is set in motion. In order to activate your own mechanical gear train, you need many years of experience and the necessary knowledge. This is one reason why watch manufacturers rarely produce their own movements. The first strike of the balance is described by Emile Chouriet as euphoric and magical. It is reminiscent of a heart that begins to beat. As if the movement came to life. Despite the constant changes in science and technology, the beat of the heart is still the basic formula for a functioning mechanism today. Emile Chouriet's watchmakers are professionals in their field and have acquired extensive knowledge of the manufacture and adjustment of the EC5318 movement. This makes the brand one of the few labels to have its own in-house movement, which makes Emile Chouriet a high quality and unique brand. Quality, Swiss Made.