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      Beijing Watch Factory is a watch manufactory from Beijing, China, and is known for high-quality automatic watches, movements and the production of other subcomponents. Beijing Watch Factory (BWaF) was founded in 1958 and is one of the oldest Chinese watch manufacturers.

      Like most Chinese watch manufacturers, Beijing Watch Factory started with copies of Swiss watches. Some of the products were of such high quality that they represented improvements over their Swiss counterparts.

      So it is no coincidence that BWaF today focuses on the high-end watch market and is the most renowned Chinese watch manufacturer, whose technical quality is not matched by any other Chinese manufacturer.

      Due to the lack of international marketing, BWaF products are largely unknown outside China. The company distributes its watch collections under the brands Beijing, BWF and Bejing Watch Factory.

      History of Beijing Watch Factory

      The Beijing Watch Factory was officially founded on June 19, 1958; the first 17 watches were completed in September of the same year. This first Beijing Watch Factory watch was the BS-1, a high-quality copy of the Swiss Roamer MST 371.

      Three years later, Beijing Watch Factory purchased surplus tools from Switzerland and used them to develop the BS-2 watch, which was produced from 1961 to 1968. In total, more than 160,000 of this second model were produced.

      Since its foundation, also due to political pressure, it has been the company's ambition, also under political pressure, to bring only watches of at least the same quality to the market in competition with corresponding Swiss watches. The resulting products were of remarkable quality, but not attractive in terms of margin. From 1965, however, the Chinese Ministry of Light Industry demanded an increase in production from the factory and standards fell slightly.

      In the 1990s, Beijing Watch Factory started to sell watches and movements to foreign manufacturers, including Stoker & Yale. At the end of the decade, production of OEM watches for other manufacturers followed. As usual BWF developed a skeleton version of its standard movement.

      At the same time, work on a first tourbillon watch was started and, after a prototype, series production was started in 1997.

      At the beginning of the new century Beijing Watch Factory tried to further strengthen its market position in China and strove for a qualitative improvement of its already extremely high quality product range. The aging hand-wound standard movement was renewed for this purpose.

      In October 2016, the company was taken over by Fiyta, also a Chinese watch manufacturer.

      Beijing Watch Factory products and collections

      Beijing Watch Factory has developed internationally recognized and awarded tourbillon, double tourbillon, minute-repeating tourbillon and double 90° tourbillon (3D) movements since the turn of the millennium.

      It is especially worth mentioning that Beijing Watch Factory manufactures all the components of its watches in its own factories. The following Beijing Watch Factory models are particularly popular:
      • BWF Beijing Watch Beihai
      • BWF Beijing Watch 70th Anniversary Limited Edition
      • BWF Beijing Watch Bladelegant Tourbillon

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      Bartels Watches is an authorized dealer of BWF watches since 2014. All our models are imported directly from the manufacturer by us and shipped from Germany to our customers. You will receive all watches with box, papers and all certificates.